Spears and Associates, Inc. provides business planning, analysis, activity forecasts and market research-based consulting services to the worldwide petroleum equipment and service industry. We specialize in goods and services used in the following areas: drilling, exploration, production, transportation and refining. Clients include petroleum equipment manufacturers, oilfield service firms, financial institutions, and research groups.

One of our clients succinctly describes Spears and Associates as:
“The interface between the oil companies’ needs and the equipment and service sector's allocation of resources.”

Spears and Associates has served the oilpatch since 1965. Its services are divided between off-the-shelf products such as the Oilfield Market Report, the Drilling & Production Outlook, Pipe Logix and private and multi-client Consulting. The staff of Spears and Associates provides a wealth of experience in the oilfield from the service perspective and the oil company perspective.