Market Research

Since 1965, Spears & Associates has managed more than 1,300 oilfield market research projects, many with an international component. While most projects are undertaken on a confidential basis for an individual client, some assignments are done on a multi-client basis with results shared among the project sponsors.

Spears is involved with serving all segments of the petroleum industry, including:

- Financing

- Exploration

- Drilling & Completion

- Production

- Transportation (pipeline/gathering)

- Gas Storage

- Refining/Petrochemical

- Gas-Fired Power Generation

Information is gathered via public sources and private interviews with energy companies or experts in specific fields. Market research and consulting projects typically address market-related problems and opportunities arising from industry changes, acquisitions or new products/technology that impact your company.




Industry Changes

Company/Product Line Acquisitions

New Product Development

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SAI Market Research


Spears & Associates focuses on providing market research and consulting services that are responsive to our customers budget and timing requirements. Projects are typically quoted on a "not-to-exceed" time and expense basis. The following are the steps involved in a typical project:


Research needs with a client

Submit a proposal

Covering the scope, timing and cost of the project.

Initiate Data Gathering

Accompanied by regular status reports of progress, findings, schedule and costs until research is complete.

Summarize findings

In a report and present to the client (in both hard copy and electronic formats).

Spears maintains close contact with the sponsor throughout this process in order to provide exactly what is needed and expected. Project timing and cost is dependent on research requirements, and is determined on a case-by-case basis after discussion with the client. Spears team of project managers and interviewers has the flexibility to meet a rigorous research requirement under an aggressive schedule. While most jobs take 4-6 weeks, past assignments have ranged from "short-fuse" projects taking a couple of days to programs involving research of multiple foreign markets taking a couple of months.